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  • “A few days after submitting our responses to a couple of minor nonconformances we had received on a previous audit I received a phone message from Auditing Program Director requesting that I contact him.  Of course I was concerned.  Why would the QSR Audit Director be calling me?  When we talked I was pleasantly surprised to hear that his call was to personally complement our quality team on the results of the investigation and corrective actions that were submitted regarding the nonconformances.  I know he does not hand out complements like this very often, and it is refreshing to know that he does not hesitate to do so when he feels it is warranted.  My association with QSR spans almost 20 years and I have the highest regard for their organization and professionalism.”

    Jack Flynn
    Manager Safety, Health, Security & Quality
    Quality Management Representative
    Merisol USA LLC

  • "The auditor’s familiarity with our facility and processes makes him an excellent auditor for our plant.  He picks up on changes and can gauge our continuous improvement as he knows where we were on his last visit.  He gets along well with personnel from the plant manager to the employees on the floor."

    Randy Meadows
    Quality Manager
    Great Dane Trailers

  • “The auditor is an extremely organized auditor.  I appreciate the fact that she is on time, keeps to a schedule and takes our organizational needs into consideration when reviewing times to audit each element.  The auditor is patient with all levels of our organization and with those who have difficulty with English or speech impediments.  She has a very thorough knowledge of the ISO 9001:2008 standard and doesn't always rely on her memory - she checks the standard!  The fact that the auditor has audited our facility for several years is a bonus for us: the employees are comfortable with her and don't get the ‘auditor stage fright’ that used to occur; she has a better understanding of our business and can ask questions using our lingo without having to have the question interpreted and she sees OFIs that we are often too close to see.  We appreciate the auditor's audits because they are valued added, complete and in-depth.”

    Pam Lewis
    Manager, Quality Systems

  • “This audit definitely added value to our organization and will help improve our processes.  The auditor's superb knowledge of the standard and exemplary audit techniques allowed us to not only recognize our shortcomings but also enhance our understanding of the standard.  We will have this auditor back in our facility for the 6-month surveillance and sustain a long term relationship with QSR.”

    Marvin "Chase" Harvey
    Director of Quality Management System,
    ADS, Inc.

  • “My name is Debbie Richter I am the Quality Process Manager with Magid Glove & Safety Mfg, Co, LLC. We have been a client of Quality Systems Registrars since October 22, 1998. We have worked closely with many of their auditors; Magid Glove has gained much knowledge over the years.  With our Quality Management System being mature, we feel that every audit conducted by QSR we gain more value.

    Their auditors are very professional, knowledgeable, respectful and fully explain everything throughout the audits. Our employees look forward to explaining their positions and how they do their job within manufacturing they feel at ease with the auditors.

    We would highly recommend Quality Systems Registrar as they go above and beyond to meet our needs as the customer. It is pleasure working with them, and we look forward to continue to work with them.”

    Debbie Richter
    Quality Process Manager
    Magid Glove & Safety
    Manufacturing Company LLC

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